Bons Hair

Created in 2014, by Alessandro Bonetto, it proposes an innovative approach to education, accessible to all levels of knowledge and preparation, thanks to a method that has already inspired hundreds of professionals in Italy and internationally.

Our Vision

2 one

One or more days onsite or in your salon, in a full immersion of intensive one-on-one training. Step by Step demonstration on live models, workshop and fully customized theoretical part.

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Comprehensive course that will guide you step by step into the world of haircutting, starting with the absolute fundamentals and ending with the creation of complete haircuts.

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Staff Training

One or more days of training completely customised where you can decide on goals and content, with in-depth counseling and a tailored structure of the entire course.

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Two days of intensive training entirely dedicated to discovering the most advanced topics. Aimed at those who want to take their knowledge of the cutting world to the highest level!

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Train the

Here at last is the solution to your problems designed especially for all those professionals who want to reach a new step within the industry, thus inspiring other colleagues.

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Our know-how in developing your brand by combining both technical and management consulting through a unique approach that has allowed us to become references for the category.

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Academy Program

Looking for an academic path to enhance your knowledge in this industry in all its aspects?

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2 days
10+ hours of participation

“I wanted to thank you from my heart for the two days of the course! In addition to knowing and perfecting the technique, I came out of these days with a lot of information and valuable advice! I must tell you that in addition to being more charged, I feel safer having strengthened some concepts! "

3 days
15 hours of partecipation

“On a Sunday you gave me confidence in how to cut my hair! I am working to improve and reach new goals. I can't wait to have the opportunity to attend one of your courses again. infinitely thank you! "

Online Education

The first online training platform for hairstylists in Italy, dedicated entirely to the world of haircutting. Step by step explanations, fundamental theoretical notions and much more.

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